Nanjing 2

Principal’s Welcome

Welcome to Canaan! We are very excited for you to join us in finding your Promised Land!

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Commitment to Students and Parents

Here at Canaan, we understand the perennial impact a school has on students and parents. That’s why we have committed ourselves to working in close partnership with parents in nurturing our students!

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Homestay And Accommodation

To provide a safe and caring environment for our international students, CGA works with the Canada Homestay Network and other professional organization to ensure that our students not only live but enjoy their time in Canada! We also arrange our own private student dormitories upon request. To learn more, please contact us.

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Community Engagement

To expand our students’ global perspectives, C.G.A. provides regular, varied collaboration opportunities for our students to work with Canadian organizations.

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Learning Guidance and Support

At Canaan, we take our students’ learning experiences very seriously. Which is why we have committed to providing

  • individual guidance to help students further develop their potentials
  • extra learning opportunities to students with talents or strong potentials
  • appropriate afterschool academic support to students
  • external education professionals, such as: psychologist or counsellor to students who need extra support

Career Guidance

With our extensive network, CGA is well-equipped in providing career guidance and opportunities to our alumni!

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