Why Choose Canaan?

Here are some of the reasons for choosing Canaan Global Academy:

  • Canaan has developed our HOPE educational model which helps our students see God’s work and to live out their lives in a positive way that is pleasing to Him. Canaan helps children and young people see God’s creation and understand what they are learning from the perspective discovering His amazing work. 
  • Canaan is dedicated to nurturing students with any faith, learning style and cultural background out of our love and respect for God and humanity. Canaan forms a stronger partnership with parents as they are able to operate under biblical principles, a foundation for communication and mutual understanding.
  • Canaan educates students with the freedom to explore, experience and evaluate all of life from both a secular and biblical perspective, nurturing them to be leaders of the future. Like all Christian Schools, we are aware that God has a plan and place for each and everyone.
  • Canaan appreciates students’ individual differences and recognizes that we are an amazing creation of God. Like all Christian schools, we provide a united, harmonious and caring learning environment which is most conducive to learning and what is being taught, compliments what is being taught and valued in the home.
  • Canaan helps students understand their potentials and trains them up to serve the world with the given gifts or talents. Within a Christian school, students are provided with much more opportunities for service learning. Students can use their God-given talents for His service to the community.
  • Canaan positions itself to help nurture students in academic success along with a well-rounded development. Canaan prepares students for life, not only how to achieve academically. Children trained in biblical values that will carry them far and wide as they transition with confidence and success through school, into the work environment and in society.

Canaan is a forward-looking school. We keep our core values in all our daily practices, and we are always transformed by the renewing of our mind (Romans, 12:2) so that we could effectively help our students to face their current and future life challenges. 

God expects all of us to understand and live out His Word.  This is best accomplished in settings where home, church and school all send the same message, reinforcing the values that bring forth real meaning and success in life. 

We ask that you prayerfully consider the choices you have, and May God bless you.

Why Choose Canaan?

Canaan Global Academy is a school where structured learning nurtures children in their spiritual, moral, intellectual, emotional, physical, social and aesthetic development, all from a biblical perspective. Canaan is a safe, caring and accepting learning environment where students learn, explore, experience, and evaluate all of life from a Christian perspective.


  • Our exceptionally qualified staff are thoroughly experienced outside of the classroom! Did you know some of our staff were trainers for the Science Olympiad?
  • We are professional, experienced and caring Christian staff who teach and mentor our teenagers. We are proud to claim that our staff consists of over 92% Ontario Certified Teachers (OCT) or have a Master’s degree or above.



  • Our tailored programs allow you to start almost anytime in the year. We have a continuous intake (every odd month of the year), so you don’t have to miss anything or have to struggle to catch up.
  • You may also consider us for courses that your school would need you to take before you are allowed to take other courses. E.g. ESL. Because we have such flexible start time, you can save a whole semester. In other words, we assist you in fulfilling your prerequisites, and it will allow you to transition seamlessly into your school. Contact us for more details.
  • Ask about our boarding program, scholarships, homestay arrangements and more!
  • Hallmarks of the Canaan Global Academy experience includes a safe environment where Christian teachers and passionate educators will share their experience and provide you with the support you need, mentoring you along the way to true success.