Educational Approach for Students

Canaan represents new HOPE, a destination, a promised land! Our H.O.P.E. model is an acronym for

On Target
Peer mentorship
Experiential learning

Learning should be fun! We HONOR and celebrate each student’s success in all areas of their learning in and outside of school. All achievements, no matter how small, is a step towards their destination. As experienced educators, we understand the value of motivation in strengthening student learning.

On Target
Encouragement is first and foremost, but then we follow up by directing students to stay ON TARGET. A bold attempt is halfway to success, but not missing the target is the key to reaching their final destinations. Using the S.M.A.R.T. plan, we will monitor student goals and step by step achievements to assist them in reaching their destinations.

Peer Mentorship
Positive peer influence matter more than anything to our youth. At this critical stage of adolescent life, our students need good PEER MENTORS and the opportunity to be one themselves. Training of our youth leaders will be provided from many of our collaborating partners who will serve as role models for them as they are nurtured to be future leaders themselves.

Experiential Learning
We emphasize on being not only high tech, but also high-touch. Students will get HANDS-ON EXPERIENCE in all areas of their learning, such as STEM, drama, entrepreneurship. Even with language courses such as ESL, students will be provided with intensive and authentic English usage opportunity in small learning groups, interview people in public places and get first hand immersion experience at CGA!