Community Services

Completing 40 service hours for C.G.A. students is never a challenge to fulfil the OSSD requirement. On the contrary through volunteering and contributing their strength, our students will be exposed to people with diverse cultures and needs and their lives will be transformed positively. 

Community Involvement Activities

As part of the diploma requirements, students must complete a minimum of 40 hours of community involvement activities. Students will select one or more community involvement activities in consultation with their parents/guardians. Selection of activities should take into account the age, maturity, and ability of the student, the location and environment of the proposed activity, and the need for any special training, equipment, and preparation. The safety of the student is paramount. After a student completes the 40 hours of community involvement and submits all documentation of their completion to the school office, the principal will decide whether the student has met the community involvement requirement and, if so, will record it as completed on the student’s official transcript.

What types of activities are eligible?

Eligible activities are volunteer activities that may be counted towards 40 community involvement hours that must be accumulated by students as a graduation requirement. Eligible activities are those activities that provide services to improve the community or well-being of its members and may be performed for not-for-profit organizations.

  • Elementary Schools – assist with school events, assist School Councils, activities for children;
  • Secondary Schools – organization and leadership of school activities that benefit the community;
  • Animal Care – volunteering in a zoo, animal shelter, or on a farm;
  • Arts and Culture – volunteering in galleries, libraries, community productions;
  • Charitable Organizations – assisting with special events, programs, clerical tasks;
  • Children/Youth Programs – assisting with children/youth programs, volunteering in a not-forprofit child care centre or camp;
  • Community Organizations – assisting with special events, food banks, community support services, shelters, clerical tasks;
  • Community Service for Individuals – assisting community members in need;
  • Environmental Projects – flower/tree planting, beautification projects, recycling projects, recycling depot;
  • Health Agencies– volunteering in hospitals, hospices, Canadian Blood Services (volunteering to organize or assist with a blood donor clinic), donating blood (time required to donate);
  • Law Enforcement Agencies – volunteering for activities sponsored by the police;
  • Political Organizations – activities related to legitimate and recognized political organizations; municipal, provincial and federal political activities;
  • Religious Organizations – assisting with programs, special events;
  • Senior Citizens – assisting in seniors’ residences, providing services for seniors in the community;
  • Sports and Recreation – coaching, organizing special events, assisting with projects/events; or
  • Service-Focused Club Activities – activities that expand community service to others beyond the school day (holiday dinner participation, environmental action activities, etc.).

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